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Over the past three decades, our mining experts have participated in the planning, development, construction, and closure of dozens of mines across Canada. We have worked on 40 mining projects in the last five years alone. These include ongoing roles in the development and operation of Ontario’s largest mine projects. And they cover specialist services in environmental studies and monitoring’ surveys and mapping; Quality Assurance and Quality Control inspections; materials testing; dam safety reviews and dam safety inspections; and closed care maintenance.

Of our sixteen offices across Canada, nine are in Northern Ontario where TULLOCH originated. Our presence in the North lets us staff projects cost-effectively with responsive local resources. Our experts can utilize staff from multiple offices to offer unrivalled bench strength. TULLOCH has built a reputation as the company that will go where others will not, or cannot, to get the job done. We have a long record of success handling the challenging logistics associated with working in wilderness and remote mining locations.

Engage us early in your project. As you can see in the diagram below, we can support you throughout the mining lifecycle, with environmental services, geomatics, engineering, construction management and more. The diagram on this page summarizes our key services. Talk to us to learn more about how we can support you.

Key Additional Services

  • Environmental assessments
  • Geotechnical/geophysical investigations
  • Site development including lot grading
  • Foundation engineering
    Seepage control
  • Stormwater management
    Bridge and culvert design
  • Tailings management facility design
  • Structural review
  • Value engineering
  • Mining Projects


    Game-changing innovation for faster, more accurate results.

    Clients trust our record of providing multidisciplinary services to renewable energy projects across Canada. We can help from development to construction. Our survey and mapping experts, environmental and geotechnical engineers, and construction administrators are known for quality work and value engineering innovations. For example, we developed a unique pull-testing system for solar farm pile installations – and it’s a genuine game-changer. It far exceeds the speed of traditional pull testing inspections and requires fewer people and resources to deliver accurate results. It has helped TULLOCH complete more foundation QA inspections for Canadian solar projects than any other firm. 

    Our geomatics team produces datasets that form the base plan for solar, wind and transmission line projects. They inform and allow for detailed design, analysis and construction of the project. We have created hundreds of maps to support land conveyance and stewardship for dozens of projects. Honed over 30 years, this service provides exceptional value and support.

    Renewable Energy Projects

    TULLOCH also has credentialed experts and heavy civil experience to serve the oil and gas sector. Our civil, construction, environmental, geotechnical and structural engineers are licensed to practise across Canada. Early in a project we can provide environmental permitting for municipal, provincial and federal approvals. Our engineering team supports the development of facilities and stations with structural design, stormwater management, civil grading, site plans, construction management and more. And we support pipeline integrity by identifying project constraints and assessing potential impacts; planning access by locating utility lines and creating dig maps for stakeholders; staking weld locations and designing culverts.

    Our geomatics specialists provide vital support to the oil and gas industry. Along with locating underground lines, we use airborne and terrestrial LiDAR (and imagery) to gather data that can be used throughout a project. Our services to the oil and gas energy market include:

    • Legal land surveys
    • Right of way surveys
    • Topographic surveys
    • Bathymetric surveys for water body crossings
    • Construction surveys
    • Settlement monitoring


    There are so many areas where Planners are crucial.

    Our Planners manage land development projects from start to finish, regardless of scope. Greenfield or brown; condo, commercial, industrial, or otherwise, we have faced just about everything working from the GTA to Central and Northern Ontario.

    There are so many areas of development where Planners are crucial. A trunk sewer impacts and is impacted by a new development. New roads for municipalities potentially require Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments. New LRT could also require zoning, plus land protection, working with owners and developers, and considering and implementation of urban design guidelines.

    Whether using the multidisciplinary survey and engineering skills within TULLOCH to provide a comprehensive service or working as part of a team put together by our client, our Planners consider every possible eventuality and organize the specialists required to develop solutions.

    Planners prepare feasibility studies and manage Environmental Assessments, Public Information Centres, site plan applications and zoning amendments. They produce density assessments to ensure planned infrastructure will continue to serve communities effectively. They deal with clients, architects, noise and vibration consultants and many others, eventually bring about building permits.

    With the breadth of knowledge our Planners possess, it’s little wonder they are asked to provide expert witness opinions in land development cases!

    Land Development Projects

    Aerial view of lands for rezoning

    291 Lourdes St., Sudbury Zoning

    Plans for building a long-term care facility

    Rezoning Project for Extendicare



    TULLOCH’s award-winning municipal engineering team has earned the trust of more than 100 township, municipal and city authorities in Ontario alone.

    Our civil engineers manage the team, with support from their multidisciplinary colleagues. We deliver services such as:

    • Asset Management Planning and Condition Assessments
    • Road Condition Assessments and Traffic Impact Studies 
    • Preliminary and Detailed Highway and Road Design
    • Culvert and Bridge Design and Construction Administration
    • Subdivision Development – Draft Plans, Site Servicing and Subdivision Agreements 
    • Site Development including Lot Grading and Parking Lots 
    • Municipal Landfills
    • Class Environmental Assessments
    • Erosion and Sediment Control 
    • Municipal Infrastructure Projects including Water Distribution and Sewage Collection
    • Drainage Projects including Storms Sewers and Storm Water Management
    • Individual On-site Septic Systems for Commercial and Residential Applications
    • Private Water Supply Systems under the Safe Drinking Water Act

    While we have a strong focus on municipal clients and have decades-long relationships as a Vendor Of Record for many cities and municipalities, we also serve provincial ministries, commercial enterprises, industry, land developers and private individuals.

    Our service to the Town of Huntsville was recognized at the OEPA Awards 2021, where our innovative work on the Town’s Storm Sewer and Inventory Management Project won the award for “Project of Excellence.”

    Value Add Services

    As consulting engineers, we have assisted with grant applications for funding initiatives under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). They include the Rural and Northern Stream, Green Infrastructure Stream, and Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream. We’ve also helped with applications to Infrastructure Canada’s Disaster Mitigation and Adaption Fund.

    Our multidisciplinary team works as a single unit to integrate our services on assignments. Easy communication with familiar colleagues, common procedures, safety protocols and documentation make this effective. We believe it set us apart from other consulting engineers.


    If you have an assignment that requires high-accuracy mobile or airborne LiDAR services, you will not find a more experienced or respected team than ours. We already have a significant database of municipal, transportation and utility assets from locations around Ontario. If we don’t have what you need, we can gather comprehensive datasets for you to support the assignment and future developments. Learn more about our Geomatics services.

    Instrumentation & Monitoring

    TULLOCH’s instrumentation and monitoring services offer exceptional value:

    • Complementary services – Having our Geomatics and Geotechnical practices under the same roof as Instrumentation and Monitoring saves time and improves communication. 
    • Technology Partnerships – We use the latest equipment to monitor the ground, groundwater and construction effects on municipal projects.
    • Remote Monitoring – We set up project-specific, satellite-based SAR, robotic total stations, cloud-based visualization software and data management.

    Municipal Infrastructure Projects


    Transportation has been a primary market for TULLOCH since 1997, when construction administration for the Ministry of Transportation Ontario quickly became a core part of our business. We’ve done more construction administration in Northern Ontario than any other engineering firm. Having branched out from roads and highways to airports, heavy and light rail, we know the transportation market better than most. For instance, we are involved in Metrolinx’ electrification project, many LRT initiatives, and development of the Ontario Line Subway.

    Accurate survey and LiDAR data for engineering and construction projects

    We’ve surveyed countless roads and thousands of miles of track throughout North America for governments, rail companies, constructors, and design firms. We have done it on active highways and railroads; in electrified and non-electrified rail corridors; in signalized and dark territories.

    TULLOCH mobilizes quickly. We capture survey data with more than 5,000 points per square metre at track and highway speeds for engineering survey design applications. Our detailed CAD drawings capture the full set of rail and highway infrastructure that are critical to engineers and designers. Using a team with deep knowledge of track and highway engineering requirements, TULLOCH provides full detail on existing track information, signal clearances, train envelope analysis, detailed bridge surveys, and track structure types.

    Our refined survey workflow has minimal impact on clients’ operations—far less than conventional survey methods. It benefits project safety, schedule, and budgets. And it’s reusable: a valuable legacy dataset for engineering, planning, volumetric calculations, utilities, access routes, etc.

    Key Survey Services

    • Control Network Surveys
    • Rail Corridor Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys
    • LiDAR Surveys
    • Buried Railroad Utility Locates
    • Right-Of-Way and Legal Surveys

    Specialized Services

    • Track & Specialwork Survey
    • Existing Track Geometry Regression
    • Rail Systems Clearance Analysis
    • Communication & Signals Survey
    • Overhead Catenary Systems Survey
    • Traction Power Survey
    • Railroad Electrification Survey Support

    Transportation Projects