Our Commitment to Precision

Geomatics is a longstanding profession, with the earliest known use of surveying practices dating back to 1400 BC when Egyptians used measuring ropes to gauge the dimensions of land plots. Times and techniques have changed – but whether we’re using the latest LiDAR Applications to map complex infrastructure, or conducting an individual property survey, TULLOCH remains deeply rooted in a timeless commitment to recording the placement of objects in a spatial context as precisely as possible, to create a framework for developments and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders.

Our client-oriented services benefit a wide range of markets, such as Transportation (roads, highways, airports, and transit/subway), Energy (renewable, generation, transmission, and distribution), Land Development, Municipal Infrastructure, Buildings (industrial developments: from single-storey warehouses, to 60 level corporate buildings), and Mining.

High Accuracy Framework

Creating a high accuracy framework at the outset of every project is one of the differentiators into the elevated quality we deliver. Control Surveys, at accuracy and precision required for many projects, is a dying art. Geodetic surveying is considered a science unto itself; and there aren’t many who are proficient at it on a fundamental level. In fact, there is a general dearth of this type of expertise in the industry – but not at TULLOCH.

Here, our domain expertise isn’t common. Our team contains a high percentage of the relatively few experts based in Ontario. These specialists exceed expectations for precise surveys – and in many cases we are surveying down to the millimetre.

Our team contains a high percentage of the relatively few experts based in Ontario.

When we start with an accurate, precise survey framework, we can consistently relate our geospatial information to this framework and distribute vital data to the rest of the professionals involved the project.

From Inception, to Decommissioning (and everything between)

Geomatics services are important at every stage of a project:


Unbiased Consultants. People-Centric Culture.

At TULLOCH, we don’t just gather information and pass it along. We inform our clients, address the required scope of work, and suggest methodology that serves their best interests from a technical and budget perspective…

…and we’re not biased to any particular type of technology. We exist in an industry which has always been subject to technological disruptions. While we keep up with these advancements, we also leverage them to our clients’ benefit by thinking outside of the box. We’re dedicated to listening carefully and approaching each challenge from a business perspective to find solutions that fit. We don’t just “get it done.” We are uncompromising on quality and uncompromising on what we feel is the right thing to do for our clients.

This balanced approach of team member care, client service, and profit is achieved by a “people-centric” culture. In every instance, we do what is best for our employees. We give freedom and responsibility, which empowers them to do the best job possible for our clients.

Geomatics & Mapping Projects

Broad market scope. Integrated team.