Robust Experience. Unique Roots.

When we say that our team boasts of some of the key leading specialists in the industry, we aren’t exaggerating. In fact, our group is led by the pioneering professionals who designed and built the first Mobile LiDAR scanner, which was used to survey a Highway in Afghanistan.

Because our people were involved in pioneering this technology, we understand Mobile LiDAR at a fundamental level, and have meticulous knowledge of what it can (and can’t) do. Our robust and uniquely rooted experience in Mobile LiDAR scanning has allowed us to leverage this technology as it evolves – and our unmatched familiarity with Mobile LiDAR applications allows us to utilize this technology for many large infrastructure applications.

In addition to our unique skillset, we also have best-in-class technology, which we use for the operation of Mobile LiDAR scanning and detailed plan generation for railway, highway, airport, and municipal road engineering applications. This gives us the ability to partner with survey and engineering firms to provide a level of geospatial information for infrastructure projects that is unmatched in efficiency, as well as quality.

Technology Pioneers. Established Experts.

When our Mobile LiDAR professionals joined TULLOCH, we had more experience with LiDAR scanning than anyone in the industry; and in 2011 we took on the challenge of applying it to Highway engineering assignments for the Ministry of Transport (MTO) – which had never been done before.

Because of the sheer number of projects we conducted for the MTO, combined with the high level of interaction we had with the ministry, our Mapping group became the de facto experts for this industry. TULLOCH was able to assist MTO in writing the specifications for conducting Mobile LiDAR surveys on highway engineering assignments.

Mobile LiDAR technology allows us to conduct a high volume of surveys in a short period of time. The data collection is quicker, more comprehensive, and much safer than having surveyors out on the roads.

Collect Once, Use Often.

From a client perspective, the application of Mobile LiDAR technology is a way of collecting survey information and gathering all the data you need at once. We don’t send staff onto highways and railways for piecemeal surveys. This streamlines our process and minimizes cost.

What’s even more efficient, is that from the moment these prominent data sets are gathered and processed they exist within a “point cloud,” which contains intricate details of the existing project infrastructure. In fact, the re-usable databases of record we build for our clients are so extensive, they can be reused and referenced for many future projects and applications.

From a team member perspective, our line of work is exciting because it’s not a “black box system.” Our company culture ensures that employees have the elevated understanding they need, how the equipment works, and its limitations. Working with Mobile LiDAR technology also presents exciting opportunities to travel to different areas throughout Canada and the U.S. to work on a variety of large infrastructure projects, including airports, railways, highways and freeways.

Like the other disciplines under the TULLOCH umbrella, the mindset of our Mobile LiDAR group is that we will do whatever it takes, to get the job done – and we are always up for a challenge.