Broad scope. Integrated team.

At TULLOCH, our land use planners tackle development projects of every kind, and at any scale. From helping homeowners in need of municipal approvals for a house addition or a detached garage, to making applications for major subdivision or site plan development proposals, our planners manage a broad scope of projects on a daily basis with a focused approach and meticulous attention to detail.

Whether it’s a vacant parcel of land, or a parcel with existing commercial, industrial, or residential applications, we:

  • apply due diligence to determine what can (and cannot) be done through development
  • propose to owners and developers the best use of the parcel (given existing applicable planning policy)
  • manage the Municipal Planning Act approvals process by coordinating all reports and studies required for a complete planning application, and by working with the approval authorities to gain approval to complete the development

Complex Approvals. One Point of Contact.

As a “one stop shop” for complex development approvals our group is unique in the industry. Our multidisciplinary team of planners, surveyors, engineers, and environmental professionals provide economies of scale and often bring efficiencies to budgets and schedules. 

If you’re looking for a team who can navigate the complexities of the approval process – and if you’re looking to save yourself the trouble of contacting and coordinating a multitude of industry professionals – you’ve come to the right place.

Elevated Service. Down-to-Earth Culture.

Our down-to-earth company culture is deeply rooted in the family history upon which the foundation of TULLOCH was built – and while we employ hundreds of team members, our company culture continues to foster a feeling of working within a tightly-knit and well-supported group.

Our employees have the freedom, independence, and resources they need to get the job done – and we have faith in their ability to do it well. Our planning group has the confidence that comes from knowing they can reach out across our entire organization for support to deliver the elevated service clients have come to expect from TULLOCH.

Our planning group has the confidence that comes from knowing they can reach out across our entire organization for support.

Planning Projects

Multifaceted Group. Integrated Services.