A caring culture, diverse services and commitment to excellence.

Mike Tulloch founded our company with a small group of trusted, seasoned colleagues. He set out with an energetic and conscientious approach to serve clients by doing whatever it took—going where others would not or could not—to deliver exceptional results.

Put simply, Mike wanted “to build an organization where everyone loves their job and their leaders care for them.”

This goal remains embedded in TULLOCH’s culture. In fact, it’s our WHY statement! We hire people that embrace it. We mentor them; we give them the freedom and responsibility to demonstrate their skill; and we support their development as they become our next generation of leaders.

Client testimonials and independent surveys by Great Place To Work tell us that our people-focused, caring approach to company culture works. Our people are united throughout the multiple disciplines we offer. We enjoy working together on complex projects; managing an integrated set of deliverables; and lifting each other up to elevate the quality and value TULLOCH’s clients deserve.

TULLOCH provides integrated planning, surveying, environmental, and engineering services. As a multidisciplinary consulting firm, we understand how to combine services; how to work effectively with colleagues and partners; and how to find efficiencies on projects.

TULLOCH’s executives have served the company for an average of 15 years. They are dedicated to creating an environment in which people thrive.

Mark Tulloch

President & CEO

Mark has extensive experience in project management and corporate oversight. He leads our executive team and plays a significant role in the development and construction of projects across all of TULLOCH’s divisions.

Dave Tulloch


Dave brings valuable direction to strategic efforts in finance, logistics, marketing and branding, and process implementation. He applies his fifteen years of varied technical background in the engineering industry to lead company-wide initiatives that enable growth.

Marla Fahrer

General Manager, Enterprises

Marla manages and oversees all administrative services. She has thorough experience in administration, accounting, and human resources and provides guidance and direction to all administrative staff.

Larry Jackson

General Manager, Engineering

Larry is an accomplished engineering executive with extensive experience in the Land Development, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, and Environment Sectors. He provides consultancy and services to developers, municipalities, First Nations, the Provincial Government and industry.

Rocky Annett

General Manager, Geomatics

Rocky manages our Canadian Geomatics operation. He is a consulting professional surveyor and has overseen all aspects of a National Geomatics Practice in the Oil and Gas, Transportation, Infrastructure, Buildings, and Renewable Energy Sectors.

Cory Mullen

General Manager, Contract Administration

Cory oversees our projects with the Ministry of Transportation Ontario Capital Construction. He has vast experience in highway and structure construction inspections, constructability reviews, value engineering studies and cost-risk assessments.

James Ferguson

General Manager, Transportation, Transit & Rail

A pioneer in mapping technology, James focuses on the use of mobile LiDAR for transportation and rail transit corridors, and municipal and mining applications. He leads a team of highly skilled managers who oversee daily operations.

Steve Fraser

General Manager, A.J. Clarke & Associates

Municipalities, developers and professionals acknowledge Steve’s ability to provide innovative, practical planning solutions. His expertise extends through all phases of project development, from direction and management; client liaison and reporting; initial site planning and constraint identification; to final approvals of planning processes.

Robin Fleguel

General Manager, Geomatics

Robin has over 25 years of experience managing geodetic, cadastral and engineering survey projects. He is a creative, positive and adaptable people leader with portable skills and a track record of fostering engagement within teams at multiple levels.

We believe, and have repeatedly experienced, that if you take care of your people, they will take care of the business. If you genuinely let them know that they matter, they will respond in kind. Trust is the foundation of leadership; if you trust people, they will trust you back.     — Bob Chapman from Everybody Matters

Why Our Culture Matters

As a potential employee or client of TULLOCH, why should you be concerned about how our culture shapes the way we work? After all, culture has been considered a “warm and fuzzy” notion promoted in vacuous marketing materials; completely divorced from bottom line business goals.

Our culture was naturally embedded in the company through the character of our founder. Mike Tulloch believed nurturing a group of people who loved their jobs was just the right way to do business. Anecdotal evidence—of exceptional performance, satisfied repeat clients, and happy employees—reinforced his belief. And we still believe it. But today, we can measure the impact of our culture. The science is there to connect culture to the bottom line.

Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Determination in Human Behaviour, written by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan in the mid-1980s, kicked-off intense study of the motives that drive human performance. More recently, measurement tools such as Total Motivation (ToMo) demonstrate that why people work determines how well they work. (See Doshi and McGregor’s Primed to Perform, and Dan Pink’s Drive for example).

TULLOCH is a Great Place To Work, certified through independent surveys of our staff. Our survey results outperformed the engineering sector in Canada. We attribute this to our culture, which has been in place for more than thirty years and is perpetuated by our leaders’ continuous learning. We can measure how it affects our performance; how that performance satisfies clients; and how we attract and retain exceptional talent.