We go where others will not, or cannot, because we love a challenge.


Geographical Adventures 

When we launched our operations in Northern Ontario in a town of 1,200 people, TULLOCH started as a tight knit, adventurous group. At the time, we dedicated ourselves to going wherever the work was; and we relished the challenge of working outdoors in harsh natural environments. Back then, our attitude was, “the tougher the job, the more enjoyable the challenge” – and today, our cheerful enthusiasm for working in remote and challenging locations remains stronger than ever.

Whether we need to spend weeks on a houseboat, set up camps on an island, or helicopter into a project site, it is in our DNA to do whatever it takes to get the job done – and to do it well.

The first-hand knowledge we’ve gathered over the years about how to work in remote areas and handle rural jobs is so unique, that we’ve developed a strong reputation in our industry for being (logistically) best in class.

Technological Adventures

Over the years our “going where others will not” attitude has expanded into the technological realm as well. While some of the people on our team are “adventure junkies,” other members are “tech junkies” who are zealous about solving significant technical challenges, and finding unique solutions for a client problem. 

At TULLOCH, every time we use technology it’s an adventure – especially when working with something as complex as Mobile LiDAR.  Learning how to utilize our state-of-the-art survey systems to their full extent to complete a challenging project is both rewarding and exhilarating. 

With Mobile LiDAR, one must have an understanding of the physical characteristics of the system, an understanding of how the software works internally, and an understanding of how the two aspects work in tandem with one another.

Our team members are mentored by an elite group of industry pioneers in Mobile LiDAR, who provide them with the skills they need to be able to systematically and programmatically debug problems – a skillset that is especially important when working in challenging locations.

Career Defining Projects

Many team members at TULLOCH can highlight their career defining projects.  Oftentimes these assignments tend to have limited scope, and then evolve into undertakings that are some of the largest infrastructure projects in Canada.

Because our company is nimble – and because we can go where others will not (or cannot) – many of the challenges we tackle are uniquely interesting, professionally rewarding, and leave us with lasting memories of the extents we went to get the job done.

When you join us you are not just “getting a job” – you are entering into a lifestyle with lots of opportunity for interest and adventure.  Whether you head out on a geographical escapade or embark on an exciting technological journey with some of the leading experts in the industry, you will be sure to find adventure at TULLOCH.