Huntsville, ON – September 14, 2016 – One of the best parts of working in the survey industry in Ontario is that the survey community is a small, tight-knit (for the most part) group of professionals that relies on lots of volunteer hours to run the Association and its various committees.  “Over the past five years, Andy Shelp and I have been a part of the Academic and Experience Review Committee for the AOLS, and through AERC, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Andy quite well,” said Mark Tulloch, CEO of TULLOCH Engineering.  “Andy is one of the most articulate (and opinionated) surveyors in the industry and has a passion for his staff, clients, business and profession.”

Andy is one of three principals of Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk (AOV), and manages the business alongside Ed Herweyer and Dan Vollebekk (Ed, Dan and Andy are pictured left to right, above).  “Over the past two years, I’ve also had the pleasure to get to know Ed and Dan, and I’m continuously amazed at their business acumen and their ability to communicate, but more importantly, how much fun they have together running AOV,” added Mark.  “Being around Dan, Ed and Andy is very enjoyable and entertaining, and their passion for surveying and their business is contagious.”

AOV and TULLOCH have many cultural similarities, as well as complementary strengths, so there is a tremendous opportunity to partner.  AOV is one of the premier survey companies in Ontario and has a very strong presence and reputation in the Ottawa area and Eastern Ontario.  AOV has four offices, including two in Ottawa, Embrun and Kemptville.  AOV has a staff of 75 people, including 12 Ontario Land Surveyors and two articling students.  AOV is involved in many industries in Ottawa, including land development, utilities (telecommunication and gas), and infrastructure.  A main part of the core business of AOV is complex urban development.  AOV is involved in most large urban development projects in the Ottawa area.  In the last two years AOV has been involved in the survey of Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings in preparation for its rehabilitation, as well as completing most of the legal and topographic surveys of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Program (with control support by TULLOCH).  Over the next number of years, AOV anticipates to be involved in the development of the LeBrenton Flats, which is a $4 billion project and will be the location of the new arena for the Ottawa Senators.

There are many areas in which TULLOCH can also support AOV.  Staff recruitment and assisting in Human Resources are two areas where our Enterprise group can lend support to AOV management.  Likely the largest area for collaboration is for both groups to continuously be on the leading edge of survey technology.  The use of ipads for field work, cloud based storage of field and office data, as well as the increased use of terrestrial and mobile LiDAR are areas of collaboration between TULLOCH and AOV.

With our new partnership with AOV, along with our existing partnership with  A. J. Clarke and Associates, we will continues to increase the geomatics and surveying bandwidth within the TULLOCH organization. Together there are 40 Ontario Land Surveyors, 12 articling students, and over 60 field crews.  This represents one of the largest survey groups in Ontario and Eastern Canada, which is a great position to be in when chasing mega-infrastructure projects such as the Energy East Pipeline, Eastern Mainline Pipeline, the Eglinton Crosslinx program, the Hamilton LRT project and the LeBrenton Flats development project.

This partnership is a giant leap in fulfilling our vision within the geomatics group, which is to be the leading provider of geomatics and survey services in Ontario by 2019.