Windsor-Southgate Solar Project

Windsor/Southgate Solar

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
This project consisted of: Engineers, Geotechnical

In the late fall of 2015, TULLOCH was retained by PCL Constructors Canada Inc. to complete preliminary foundation design and sizing for two 50 MW solar sites (Windsor and Southgate) as the projects were in the initial budgeting stages. To alleviate some risk, and refine the overall project costs, the contractor was given a Limited Notice to Proceed and granted permission for preliminary foundation testing. As such, TULLOCH visited the site and investigated for potential issues or limitations from the foundation design aspect.

TULLOCH and the General Contractor attended the two sites in a consecutive three week window to install and test the proposed foundation designs, and obtain as much preliminary foundation design and testing information as possible throughout each of the 300+ acre project sites, while limiting the disturbance to any of the existing crops.

TULLOCH’s quick response to the General Contractor’s request for services allowed the contractor to meet strict deadlines and reflect the proposed foundation design into their proposed project bids, eliminate some unnecessary risk and pass on some cost savings to the developer/client.

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