Vale Mine Care Project

Whistle and Crean Hill

This project consisted of: Biologists, Civil Engineering, Engineers, Environmental, Geomatics, Geotechnical, Structural Engineering, Surveyors

VALE Canada Ltd. is a nickel mining and metals’ company with Canadian headquarters in Toronto that produces nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, gold and silver. The original mining entity INCO was founded following the discovery of copper deposits in Sudbury, Ontario, which through processing were found to be rich in nickel.  In 2006, CVRD acquired the assets, and at present, the company operates under the name VALE.

TULLOCH has been involved in the development, advance, re-opening, and maintenance of every active VALE mine, or surface plant within its Sudbury operations.

In 2016, recognizing that mine closure and maintenance was an essential service to the mining industry and the Government, TULLOCH Engineering made the decision to create a group focused on the mine closure workspace. By extending and combining the capabilities of our environmental, engineering and geomatics groups to address the multidisciplinary requirements of mine closure, TULLOCH is in a unique position to create cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions for the management and maintenance of closed mines and contaminated sites.

TULLOCH has recently been awarded a contract to provide this service package for the Whistle and Crean Hill closed sites in Capreol and Fairbanks Lake areas respectively.

The challenge at these sites is to maintain a robust compliance program of water treatment and monitoring that assures both the client and the regulators that the site is not harming the receiving environment.

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