Vernon Narrows Bridge Project

Vernon Narrows Bridge

This project consisted of: Contract Administration, Engineers, Structural Engineering

In 2013, TULLOCH was retained by the MTO for the contract administration portion of the Vernon Narrows Bridge project which consisted of the rehabilitation of the North Bound Vernon Lake Bridge on Highway 11. Components included deck and soffit repair and deck widening (west side) with new CHBDC compliant barriers (PL-3); new deck drains; waterproofing and asphalt surface; expansion joint replacement and replacement of bearings at abutments; structural steel coating at girder ends and splice areas of exterior girders; new approach slabs; local substructure concrete repair; and abutment refacing.

With the efforts of both the Contractor and TULLOCH, progress was made quickly to ensure passers-thru a safe and smooth ride through the Huntsville area for the majority of summer.

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