GO Rail Survey Project

Rail Encroachment Survey

GO Transit
This project consisted of: Mapping, Planners, Surveyors

As part of many ongoing construction projects, GO Transit (a division of Metrolinx) is in the process of upgrading rail and station infrastructure along the Weston rail subdivision which runs from Union Station west to Brampton and beyond.

TULLOCH was retained to survey approximately 30km of the rail in order to characterize any existing railway encroachments.  This involved analyzing the 3D point cloud of the track and infrastructure to determine if a locomotive/train car profile can successfully pass through all existing rail infrastructure and meet clearance requirements.

The first phase was collected in August 2014. TULLOCH was able to complete the mobile LiDAR survey in a matter of hours collecting roughly 2000 pts/m2 of point cloud density as well as georeferenced imagery.  This resulted in plenty of definition to determine any existing rail encroachments. TULLOCH identified 68 existing encroachments that ranged in magnitude from a few centimeters to several meters, including such objects as station platforms, overhead wires  and signal poles, among others. TULLOCH conducted these on-site surveys quickly with no track disruptions or personnel on or around the track.

A second phase was acquired January 2015 including the newly completed 3.3km rail spur to the airport for the Union Pearson Express between Toronto’s Union Station and Toronto Pearson International Airport.  This data is being processed and the third phase will be collected in early spring 2015 at the completion of the construction.

TULLOCH also provided – along track centerline distances between all existing signal bridges – a key safety component variable used to determine standardized braking distance tables for use by several different rail operators.

This survey contract required a single survey crew and five office support staff to complete the required work.

The value of this survey contract is $100,000.  Although the value of this survey contract is not large, this project demonstrates TULLOCH’s experience in working with Metrolinx in a complex  urban rail environment.  The level of engineering survey detail required to complete this survey was dense, and the complexity was quite high.  This also highlights TULLOCH’s knowledge in Rail Right-of-Way requirements and flagging rules.

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