Detour Lake Mine Project

Detour Lake Mine

Detour Gold Corp.
This project consisted of: Biologists, Environmental

The Detour Lake Mine is one of the largest gold producing open pit mines in Canada and is located 185 km northeast of the Town of Cochrane, Ontario.  The site is accessible by road via Provincial Highway 652 extension.

The deposit is situated in the area of the former Detour Lake Mine which was operated by Placer Dome. It is a year-round open pit operation designed to minimize the impact on the environment and to protect animal species of the area.

In 2015, TULLOCH Engineering was retained by Detour Gold Corporation to provide post construction monitoring of compensatory habitat as part of the Fisheries Act Authorization and Provincial permit requirements for the Detour Lake Mine.  As part of the requirements of the Authorization, compensatory habitat was constructed on the Detour Lake Mine site following the Fish Habitat Compensation Plan.  This included three online refuge pools in Karel Creek and one offline pool.  The monitoring of the compensatory habitat included an annual assessment of the habitat stability and sampling in and around compensations works to determine fish presence.

In addition, an Adaptive Management Monitoring Strategy (AMMS) was developed by Detour Gold to ensure that the dewatering of the pit did not have unpredicted effects on the adjacent fish habitat (Karel and Linden Creeks), and to ensure fish passage in the creeks was maintained.   The AMMS included monitoring of surface water flow, biological surveys, and an annual sampling of fish and benthic invertebrates.

TULLOCH met the 2015 fish and fish habitat monitoring requirements of the Authorization and maintained DFO compliance while monitoring the Detour Lake Mine site.

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