Creighton Deep Project

Creighton Deep

This project consisted of: Geomatics, Mapping, Surveyors

In 2014, TULLOCH was contracted to assist in the development of Sudbury’s deepest mines.

Creighton mine is the tenth deepest mine in the world. It is also the deepest nickel mine in the world, at a depth of 8000 feet. The Creighton Project will see the mine being developed beyond the 8200 foot level.

In order to achieve this, TULLOCH crews provide a precision underground construction survey to guide the production miners to previously untouched ore bodies. After excavation, an audit is completed to ensure the crews have stayed within the layout and to ensure the correct volume of rock has been removed. To do this we use our terrestrial LiDAR scanner to achieve the most accurate and precise measurements.

Building on past experience and using new technology, TULLOCH is once again providing unequaled service to the mining industry.

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