Aria Solar Project

Aria and Earth Light Solar

Aria Light
This project consisted of: Civil Engineering, Engineers, Geotechnical

TULLOCH began the foundation design for Aria Light in early fall of 2014, and then completed the foundation design for Earthlight in February 2015. Both sites (Midland and Georgina, Ontario) required a one week site visit which allowed TULLOCH to complete numerous foundation load tests throughout the sites. The tests were an effort to optimize the foundation design across the site while obtaining enough information to meet the pre-design verification testing requirements stipulated in the contract documents.

TULLOCH collects and documents all relevant load testing and test pit information and presents the information to our client for discussion and design team collaboration prior to finalizing the foundation design details for each project. This allows for input from both sides of the design-build team and any possible foreseen issues that may arise can be discussed and incorporated into the design, installation process and/or procedures to eliminate unnecessary delays or interruptions during construction.  TULLOCH thrives on working with contractors to provide a design that ensures constructability and feasibility go hand-in-hand.

Both projects were constructed in the summer of 2015 and TULLOCH provided foundation proof testing and general conformance site inspections for each of the sites to verify the installation was in accordance with the design drawings and provide final sign-offs for the PV foundation systems as part of the requirements in the EPC contract documents.

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