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TULLOCH Expands into Southern Ontario


Stoney Creek, ON – Tuesday, March 27, 2018 – TULLOCH Engineering is pleased to announce the opening of a new engineering office in Stoney Creek, Ontario (Hamilton), on February 1, 2018.  This expansion into Southern Ontario brings TULLOCH’s presence throughout the province to a total of 12 office locations.

The Stoney Creek office will be led by Sean Hinchberger, Ph.D., P.Eng., who will be developing a specialized engineering group focusing on geotechnical, geostructural and geoenvironmental engineering.  Over the next ten years, various levels of the Ontario government plan to invest over thirty billion dollars on roads, rail and tunneling projects in the GTA.  As part of our strategic plan, we are positioning TULLOCH to play a significant role in this development within Southern Ontario.

Sean Hinchberger (pictured above, right) brings extensive experience in geotechnical engineering, tunneling, dams and foundations. He has a Ph.D. in geotechnical engineering from Western University and joined TULLOCH in September 2017.  Prior to TULLOCH, Sean worked at Hatch as Global Discipline Director, Civil Engineering.

Three new employees have joined Sean in the Stoney Creek office.  Please welcome Usman Khan, George Liang and Maria Callaghan (pictured above, left to right) to TULLOCH.  Usman Khan is a Geotechnical Engineer and a graduate of the University of Waterloo, with five years of experience.  Usman has broad experience in construction, site investigations and geotechnical design.  George is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer with a Ph.D. from Western University and over 20 years professional experience. George specializes in dams, foundation design and advanced geotechnical analysis.  Maria Callaghan is a Pursuit Coordinator. She will assist with setting up the new office as well as working on business development and proposals.  Maria has over 20 years experience as a manager coordinating groups, projects and proposals.

The group looks forward to expanding TULLOCH Engineering in Southern Ontario while building an office and culture in line with TULLOCH’s values and goals.

TULLOCH Receives Business of the Year Award

Bell Business of the Year 2018

Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Saturday, January 20, 2018 – TULLOCH Engineering is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of this year’s Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce (SSMCOC) Business of the Year Award (26+ employees). The Award was presented to TULLOCH staff at the Chamber’s Outstanding Business Achievement Awards held at The Machine Shop on Saturday, January 20th, 2018.

This year, more than 200 nominations were received by the Chamber for over 20 different awards. Among them, were three Business of the Year Awards based on business size (up to 9 employees; 10 to 25 employees; and 26+ employees).  To be considered for this particular award, a business will have distinguished itself by fostering growth, innovation, marketing strategy and consumer service excellence in their respective sector.

In receiving the award, Larry Jackson, General Manager, TULLOCH Engineering, was quick to thank all employees at TULLOCH for their hard work and dedication. After all … our employees are family.

According to SSMCOC CEO Rory Ring, “the business awards, which are handed out annually by the local Chamber, started humbly in 1985 with a handful of awards recognizing businesses that had demonstrated significant growth and economic contributions as well as the individuals that led those enterprises.”

“In the years since,” added Ring, “the Chamber introduced new awards and categories recognizing specific areas of excellence including innovation, human resources and management practices, marketing and customer services, among others.

TULLOCH Opens Office in Timmins

New Location - Timins

Timmins, ON – Thursday, June 29, 2017 – As part of our strategic plan that we prepared two and a half years ago, we wanted to open office locations in two  Northern Ontario cities that we did not have a presence in; Thunder Bay and Timmins.  A year and a half ago we were very fortunate to open up a Thunder Bay office, which is going extremely well.  A presence in Thunder Bay has allowed us to expand our Contract Administration group in the Northwest and start to build CA teams in the Northwest Region to tackle the increasing MTO workload in the North.  It has also allowed us to capture more survey work in this region, including our ongoing legal and engineering survey retainer work for MTO; our survey retainer for Thunder Bay Hydro; and increasing activity for Bell Mobility.  It has also presented some engineering design opportunities, including the preliminary design, detail design, and construction administration for a 2km municipal road in Ignace.  Additionally, a Thunder Bay presence has allowed us to secure a survey, inspection and QC contract for New Gold, which is a $1.5B construction project near Fort Frances, which has kept ten TULLOCH staff moving since last November, and will likely continue until August 2018.  Our start in Thunder Bay has been fantastic and it is a great example of how an office location can be a catalyst for increasing work.

We are now in a position to fulfill the second part of our geographic expansion plan and open up an office in Timmins.  Paul Quesnel, OLS, has agreed to come on board and lead this expansion project.  Paul is known to many of our surveyors, as he has been an active part of the North East Regional Surveyor’s Group for many years, and is extremely well known in the survey industry.  Paul will start with us on July 10th and will initially be focused on the Henvey Inlet Transmission Line, working in conjunction with Kevin Kujala, Darren Walker and Kevin King.  We anticipate opening up a Timmins office in August.  We are looking forward to working on this new office and trying to duplicate the results that we have seen in Thunder Bay.

TULLOCH Wins Bell Business Excellence Award

Tulloch Wins Bell Business Excellence Award

Sudbury, ON – Thursday, May 11, 2017 – TULLOCH has done it again! On the evening of May 11th, TULLOCH Engineering was honored alongside ten local businesses and entrepreneurs at the 10th Annual Bell Business Excellence Awards Gala hosted by the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce.

As one of the three finalists in the Best Place To Work category, TULLOCH staffers in attendance were off of their seats when TULLOCH was announced as the winner.

Mark Tulloch took to the stage where he graciously accepted the award on behalf of all TULLOCH employees. Sucessful organizations succeed because of the people inside those organizations. If employees are treated right, they treat the clients well and the business thrives. We are thrilled and humbled to be receiving this prestigious award.

TULLOCH Named Company of the Year


Huntsville, Ontario – Friday, October 7, 2016 – TULLOCH Engineering is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Company of the Year (51+ Employees) by Northern Ontario Business Awards (NOBA).

For 30 years, the NOBA Awards have served to heighten the visibility and influence of business in the north, and bring peer recognition to the business leaders who create prosperity and economic growth.  Awards include: Company of the Year in three categories, Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Entrepreneurial Community, First Nations Business Award of Excellence, Innovation, Export and Judges’ Choice.

A respected panel of judges from across Northern Ontario is brought together to adjudicate the many nominations. They are asked to look at all aspects of business performance, from customer service and community involvement to human resource management and future planning.

“TULLOCH is honored to be named Company of the Year in the over 51 employee category,” said Mark Tulloch, CEO of TULLOCH Engineering. “With eight of our ten branch offices based in Northern Ontario, it is fair to say that we have been extensively engaged in business activities within the region, and are proud to have employed hundreds of Northern Ontarians.”

What Differentiates TULLOCH?

Over 25 years ago, TULLOCH Engineering was established as a small consulting survey practice with seven staff and an office in Thessalon, Ontario.  Since then, TULLOCH has grown into a multi-disciplinary engineering firm employing over 275 professional and technical staff providing planning, surveying, engineering and environmental services to the government and private sectors across Canada and internationally.

“Alongside the organic growth of TULLOCH, we have purchased Northern Ontario based businesses at a steady pace − growing market share, creating wealth, and creating employment opportunities,” added Mark. “We are also actively engaged in the communities in which we operate and place a high value on each and every one of our employees.”

TULLOCH donates 10 per cent of its profits back to local community organizations and charities.  TULLOCH also makes a point of giving back 25 per cent of its profits to its employee base. Among such initiatives, TULLOCH takes its staff (and their families) on an appreciation vacation every five years. Employees also benefit from annual (non-contractual) bonuses; employee development opportunities, and the option to convert unused sick time into vacation days.

“It’s no surprise that TULLOCH is viewed by many as a leader in the field,” said Barb Tuomi, long time Administrative Assistant with TULLOCH and Nominator of TULLOCH for the Company of the Year Award.  “After all, an appreciated employee equals happy customers and a successful bottom line.”

More about the Awards

NOBA has become the largest annual gathering of its kind in Northern Ontario since it was launched in 1986.  The 2016 event took place in Sudbury and was co-hosted by Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger and Northern Ontario Business Former Publisher Patricia Mills. Eastlink TV will showcase the winners in a television documentary to be aired Thursday, October 13th at 7 pm, Friday, October 14th at 11 pm, Saturday, October 15th at 9:30 am and Sunday, October 16th at 3 pm.

TULLOCH Partners with Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk


Huntsville, ON – September 14, 2016 – One of the best parts of working in the survey industry in Ontario is that the survey community is a small, tight-knit (for the most part) group of professionals that relies on lots of volunteer hours to run the Association and its various committees.  “Over the past five years, Andy Shelp and I have been a part of the Academic and Experience Review Committee for the AOLS, and through AERC, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Andy quite well,” said Mark Tulloch, CEO of TULLOCH Engineering.  “Andy is one of the most articulate (and opinionated) surveyors in the industry and has a passion for his staff, clients, business and profession.”

Andy is one of three principals of Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk (AOV), and manages the business alongside Ed Herweyer and Dan Vollebekk (Ed, Dan and Andy are pictured left to right, above).  “Over the past two years, I’ve also had the pleasure to get to know Ed and Dan, and I’m continuously amazed at their business acumen and their ability to communicate, but more importantly, how much fun they have together running AOV,” added Mark.  “Being around Dan, Ed and Andy is very enjoyable and entertaining, and their passion for surveying and their business is contagious.”

AOV and TULLOCH have many cultural similarities, as well as complementary strengths, so there is a tremendous opportunity to partner.  AOV is one of the premier survey companies in Ontario and has a very strong presence and reputation in the Ottawa area and Eastern Ontario.  AOV has four offices, including two in Ottawa, Embrun and Kemptville.  AOV has a staff of 75 people, including 12 Ontario Land Surveyors and two articling students.  AOV is involved in many industries in Ottawa, including land development, utilities (telecommunication and gas), and infrastructure.  A main part of the core business of AOV is complex urban development.  AOV is involved in most large urban development projects in the Ottawa area.  In the last two years AOV has been involved in the survey of Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings in preparation for its rehabilitation, as well as completing most of the legal and topographic surveys of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Program (with control support by TULLOCH).  Over the next number of years, AOV anticipates to be involved in the development of the LeBrenton Flats, which is a $4 billion project and will be the location of the new arena for the Ottawa Senators.

There are many areas in which TULLOCH can also support AOV.  Staff recruitment and assisting in Human Resources are two areas where our Enterprise group can lend support to AOV management.  Likely the largest area for collaboration is for both groups to continuously be on the leading edge of survey technology.  The use of ipads for field work, cloud based storage of field and office data, as well as the increased use of terrestrial and mobile LiDAR are areas of collaboration between TULLOCH and AOV.

With our new partnership with AOV, along with our existing partnership with  A. J. Clarke and Associates, we will continues to increase the geomatics and surveying bandwidth within the TULLOCH organization. Together there are 40 Ontario Land Surveyors, 12 articling students, and over 60 field crews.  This represents one of the largest survey groups in Ontario and Eastern Canada, which is a great position to be in when chasing mega-infrastructure projects such as the Energy East Pipeline, Eastern Mainline Pipeline, the Eglinton Crosslinx program, the Hamilton LRT project and the LeBrenton Flats development project.

This partnership is a giant leap in fulfilling our vision within the geomatics group, which is to be the leading provider of geomatics and survey services in Ontario by 2019.