Health and Safety

TULLOCH is committed to establishing and maintaining healthy and safe workplaces and environments for our employees, our clients and the public.  TULLOCH believes that by identifying and evaluating health and safety risks, hazards will be eliminated or mitigated.

TULLOCH employees and management are committed to preventing injury, occupational disease and environmental hazards, through the use of safe working practices; maintaining and operating all equipment in a safe and effective manner; and ensuring compliance with safety legislation.

TULLOCH recognizes the importance of protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients, visitors and sub-consultants, while caring for the environment. The responsibility and the accountability for health and safety are shared between every manager, supervisor, employee, and sub-consultant employed by TULLOCH. Management is accountable for safety performance and all employees are accountable to work safely using the training, technical resources, and safety equipment provided.

Communication, engagement and training of all employees are essential elements in our health and safety program.  Our goal is to work together to eliminate harm to people and the environment with projects and activities managed by TULLOCH.

The Company believes that these principles will not only enable us to meet or exceed our overall business goals but will ensure the health and safety of our employees, our customers, the public and the environment.